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    Pest Pros Fleas

    Fleas – Protecting Your Family’s Health

    Protecting Your Family from Fleas Homes without professional pest control service like Pest Pros are at a significant risk to flea infestations compared to homes with an approved pest control program. The difficulty controlling a flea infestation is in their biology and understanding the flea’s life cycle should clarify why pest control plays a criticalread more[...]

    Ant Control Tips For Summer-Pest PROPS

    Ant Control Tips For Summer

    Summer is here and so are invasions of summer ants. You can be comfortable having guests over for barbeques, pool parties and other events this summer by following these helpful tips. If you have been continually battling these persistent little pests this summer, you are certainly not alone. As summer temperatures increase, landscapes dry out,read more[...]

    5 Tips to Keep Your Home Protected from Pests-pestprosps

    5 Tips to Keep Your Home Protected from Pests

    Check every entrance if they are closed tight to keep bugs, mice and other pests away. If you had a hole in your house from which you could see outside, you’d concealed it up rather fast so you wouldn’t have any annoying visitors. [...]

    Pest Control Company - Pest Pros Pest Solutions

    5 Ways Our New Blog Will Benefit You and More!

    5 ways our blog will benefit you and more:Tips from the Pros-We will be sharing our years of industry knowledge in a variety of pest related topics.Laws and Regulations-Here you will find updates in laws and regulations. We look to emphasize education of Property Owners and Property Managers on the latest bed bug laws, pesticide regulations, tenant notifications, etc.[...]

    Pest Control Near Me - Pest Pros Pest Solutions

    Roof rats only nest up high in attcs, palms trees, wall voids, etc., right?

    Very often, we are called in to situations where a pest company has been battling a roof rat population for a very long time, with marginal success. Maybe they have seen fluctuations in capture rates, possibly even feeling at times as if they are finally making some real progress. Yet, the problem continues.[...]


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