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Your brewery is your pride and joy. It is also your livelihood, relying on happy patrons coming in regularly for drinks and pub food. If they see just one pest – like a rat or roach – in the brewery, then they might never return. Worse yet, they could slam you with bad reviews that keep their friends, family members, and neighbors away, too.

The moment you think you have a pest problem at your brewery in Sacramento is the same moment you should pick up the phone, dial (916) 588-9345, and speak to the pest control experts at Pest Pros Pest Solutions. We’re a local business, just like you, so we know how important it is to keep a good reputation with the community. That is why we promise to deliver pest control solutions that are effective, safe, quick, and discreet.

Contact us now with any questions you have about brewery pest control options.

Pests Commonly Found in Breweries

If your brewery stores grains, hops, and other ingredients to make beers and brews, then you need to know that it looks like a buffet to certain pests. All sorts of creepy crawlers will want to get inside your brewery to feast on your stores. If you also have an onsite kitchen to make food for guests, then the risk of a pest infestation goes up even more.

Pests that frequently try to infest breweries in Sacramento include:

All it takes is for a guest or health inspector to see one of these pests in the wrong place at the wrong time and your brewery’s reputation could be sunk. Again, please call (916) 588-9345 immediately if you have spotted a pest or the signs of a pest infestation, so we can get to work as soon as possible.

Signs of Brewery Pest Infestation

Bugs, rats, and other pests tend to be sneaky by nature. They don’t want to get spotted because they know it leads to extermination. To notice a pest infestation in your brewery, you might have to keep your eyes open for subtle signs.

Signs that there might be a pest infestation in your brewery include:

  • Holes chewed into grain or food bags
  • Droppings, especially away from exterior doors
  • Foul odors with no explained source
  • Strange sounds in the walls or under the floor
  • Large amounts of dead bugs
  • Birds chirping but not from outside

Our Quick Solutions to Brewery Infestations

When you call on Pest Pros for help with a brewery infestation, you will work with industry leaders who know how to make things right. We would like to start with a thorough inspection of your property to identify all problem areas and signs of an infestation. Once this walkthrough is complete, we can immediately start to form a pest control plan that will work well and stay within your budget.

Remember: We’re a local business in Sacramento, too, so we know the utmost importance of discretion and efficiency when it comes to pest control options. We can work with your brewery’s schedule to complete our services when guests are not around. Keeping the impact on your revenue as small as possible is one of our main goals, along with eliminating those awful pests!

Get Rid of Brewery Pests – Call Now

Pest Pros and our Sacramento brewery pest control experts are always ready to help local businesses with every pest control need. Whether bugs are bothering your guests or rats are trying to make a home in your grain silos, we have the experience, knowledge, tools, and team required to get the job done right the first time. The most important step is the first one, and you must make it quickly. Call (916) 588-9345 or use an online contact form now.

Our Core Values

  • Whatever It Takes
    We stop at nothing to make sure your pest problem is solved.
  • Love People
    We continually strive to always do what's right by our customers and by each other.
  • Giving Back
    We believe that giving back to our community is an integral part of any business.
  • Genuine Connection
    We want to earn your trust and be the first pest control service you call.
  • Commitment to Personal Growth
    We grow personally and professionally to enhance our ability to serve you.

“My residents adore him and he always responds in a timely and respectful manner.”

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