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Keep Your Office Space & Workers Safe

Your office workers deserve a safe, clean space to work in. A pest infestation is the last thing they want to see, and one of the worst things for your business. Call (916) 588-9345 now to connect with Pest Pros in Sacramento. We offer quick, effective, and discreet commercial pest control services for office spaces of all types and sizes. With us handling everything, you can be confident that your office will be free of pests before you know it.

We can help get the pests under control by:

  • Inspecting the entire property for signs of an infestation.
  • Creating a thorough pest control plan.
  • Implementing the plan after you approve it.
  • Performing follow-up inspections to ensure the plan is working.

From the start of your pest control plan to its finish, we will prioritize safety and discretion. We will ensure that your office staff or any company that is renting your office space remains safe. At the same time, our discretion helps keep operations running smoothly without disruption.

Find out more about our pest control services for office spaces. Contact us now.

Office Pests We Can Eliminate

Offices are just as susceptible to a pest infestation as any other commercial space, especially if cleanliness and routine building maintenance are not prioritized. For example, an unclear kitchenette on just one floor of an office can start an insect infestation that spreads throughout the entire building. No matter what sort of pest is infesting your office, you can count on Pest Pros Pest Solutions to get them back under control.

Let us know if you have seen any of these pests in your office space:

As soon as you spot a pest of any type, call (916) 588-9345. We can work quickly to get a pest infestation controlled before it becomes a bigger problem and starts scaring people who work in the office space.

How to Spot an Office Infestation

The best way to spot an infestation in your commercial office space is to walk the entire property frequently. You and a member of your janitorial staff should look floor-to-floor for warning signs of an infestation.

Signs of an office pest problem include:

  • Droppings in food cabinets
  • Bite marks in paper boxes
  • Collections of dead bugs
  • Spider webs in corners
  • Foul odors with no explanation
  • Damaged computer cables

If you are not sure how to best inspect your office space, do not worry. The first step for most of our pest control services is to conduct a complete inspection of the property. You can be sure that our pest control experts will know where to look and what to identify as a pest problem.

Get Your Pest Problems Under Control

Pest Pros is here to help keep your Sacramento office clean and sanitary for your workers or renters. Our full catalog of pest control services and years of experience let us handle virtually any sized project. Even if you have a large, multi-story office building, we can create an effective and competitively priced plan to rid it of any pests.

Talk to our pest control team today. Please dial (916) 588-9345.

Our Core Values

  • Whatever It Takes
    We stop at nothing to make sure your pest problem is solved.
  • Love People
    We continually strive to always do what's right by our customers and by each other.
  • Commitment to Personal Growth
    We grow personally and professionally to enhance our ability to serve you.
  • Genuine Connection
    We want to earn your trust and be the first pest control service you call.
  • Giving Back
    We believe that giving back to our community is an integral part of any business.

“I have had nothing but happy tenants and positive results! THANK YOU SO MUCH Pest Pros!”

Andrew J.

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