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Sacramento Bee & Wasp Control

Conveniently Remove & Prevent Stringing Insects 

Bee and wasp stings can be extremely painful, making these insects one of the more intimidating pests that might intrude into your property. However, they do also play an important role in our environment. Bees, in particular, are crucial for flower reproduction, carrying pollen from flower to flower in order to allow them to produce new seeds. However, it’s important to deal with the presence of any nests or hives as soon as possible, and that’s why you should trust the team at Pest Pros Pest Solutions to eliminate your issue as soon as possible.

Pest Pros Pest Solutions provides fast and effective bee and wasp control in Sacramento and the surrounding areas of northern and central California. From hive relocation to nest remediation, we have taken care of problems of all shapes and sizes. We utilize the right tools for the job, promoting safety and effective removal without harming nature. When it comes to wasps, we know how frustrating your problem can be and we make concerted efforts to eliminate these pests to the best of our ability. 

Don’t take the risk yourself—if you have a bee or wasp nest somewhere on your property, call Pest Pros Pest Solutions at (916) 588-9345 and let our technicians handle the issue for you.

Dependable Wasp Control

Wasps are some of the most notoriously aggressive flying insects on the planet. While some varieties of wasp are more docile, many of the most prominent species found throughout Northern California are known for fiercely protecting their nests, and that can mean attacking and stinging those who come too close (even without their realizing it). Wasp nests can start and grow quickly, and a single nest can house up to a dozen wasps in some cases (as well as several dozen eggs).

We offer high-quality wasp control in Sacramento for the following:

  • Yellow jackets
  • Paper wasps
  • Digger wasps
  • Tarantula hawks
  • Mud daubers

When eliminating a wasp nest, it is important to not only eliminate the adults, but neutralize the eggs as well. Once the nest has been suitably dealt with, it’s critical to dispose of it right away in order to prevent more wasps from moving in. Our team has the tools to take care of this important step in order to help you keep your property wasp free.

Contact Pest Pros Pest Solutions for local wasp control and say goodbye to the threat of painful stings!

Saving the Bees, Saving the Planet

Bees are such a vital part of our environment, and yet they are becoming less and less common. At Pest Pros Pest Solutions, we do what we can to take care of any intruding bee problems without harming the colony itself. 

We can also help you discourage bees from coming back with proper preventive treatments.

Keep bees and wasps off your property! Contact Pest Pros Pest Solutions for assistance today.

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“We continue to have our home treated and I can happily say, thanks to Whitney and the awesome Pest Pros technicians, we’re ant free!”

Brittany T.

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