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Rodents are prolific scavengers, and thus they have a strong tendency to follow humans wherever we go. Rodents invade our trash to find food, seek shelter in our walls, and utilize whatever other resources they can find around our homes to make their lives better.

This makes them a pretty common pest issue, particularly in urban areas where man-made structures are by far the most common sources of shelter and food resources. Combined with overcrowding, sanitation and waste control issues, and plenty of other problems, and it’s easy to see how rats and mice can quickly spiral out of control. That's why it's important to start rodent control as soon as possible. 

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At Pest Pros Pest Solutions, our Sacramento rodent control company has seen and handled plenty of problems when it comes to rats and mice. Whether you’re seeing evidence of an intruder or you have uncovered a nest where you weren’t expecting one, we have solutions that can help. Every rodent control plan targets your problem wherever it might be and even works with you to exclude rodents from getting in again in the future. That means longer-lasting success and better satisfaction for both residential and commercial locations.

Turn to our crew of highly qualified pest control pros at Pest Pros Pest Solutions for rodent control in Sacramento! Dial (916) 588-9345 now to schedule your rodent control service.


Stopping Your Rodent Problem

Rats and mice are a problem no matter where you live—be it in the middle of downtown Sacramento on a large rural property in one of the surrounding counties. With their prolific sense of smell, rats and mice can track down a food source from miles away, and will venture great distances in order to find a way of sustaining themselves. Once they locate a source of food and shelter, they have been known to find their way in through extremely sneaky and creative methods. And they build nests quickly once they are able to establish themselves.

What Indicates a Rodent Problem

You may have a rodent problem if you notice any of the following:

  • Visible feces or urine
  • Strong urine smells
  • Chewed food boxes or containers
  • Chewed electrical wires or cables
  • Strange behavior from pets

Both rats and mice are generally drawn to things with a strong odor, such as rotting food, garbage cans without a lid, and so much more. Securing your food, keeping your trash empty, and properly sealing off common rodent entrances through services like attic remediation goes a long way toward helping you keep your issue under control. If you do have a rodent issue, you may also need to get rid of the dead rodent smell. A Sacramento rodent exterminator at our pest control company can help you eliminate any smells and remove any rodents in your home.

Suspect you have a rodent problem? Reach out to Pest Pros Pest Solutions for rodent control services! Our rodent removal experts are ready to help! Call (916) 588-9345 for rodent control in Sacramento.

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