Multi-Family Unit Pest Control in Sacramento

Effective & Discreet Pest Control Services

If you own or manage a multi-family unit or complex, then you have to always pay attention to signs of a pest infestation. A pest in one unit could just be the first of many. If no action is taken, then the entire complex could be infested before you know it.

Pest Pros offers expert pest control services throughout Sacramento and for commercial properties like multi-family units. With our same-day service appointments and convenient scheduling options, our pest control pros can get to work quickly to stop a pest infestation from spreading further.

Call us if you run or own a multi-family unit like a:

  • Condominium complex
  • Apartment complex
  • Townhouse complex
  • Housing strip
  • Trailer parks and lots
  • Highrise apartment building

Dial (916) 588-9345 or contact us online to schedule a pest control service.

Pests in Multi-Family Properties

At Pest Pros, we have seen virtually every vermin, insect, and pest that can stir up problems in Sacramento. If there is a pest problem at your multi-family housing complex, then you can be confident that we know what to do to fight it.

Different types of pests that commonly infest multi-family units include:

  • AntsIf one unit in a housing complex leaves its garbage out too long, it can attract ants that then spread out to look for other food sources. Routine garbage collection is also important for preventing an ant infestation.
  • Bed bugsYour property’s reputation will sink if there is a bed bug outbreak. The moment one tenant or owner reports a bed bug problem, you have to move quickly to get it under control. Beg bugs are notorious for breeding quickly and finding ways into adjacent properties.
  • Bees and waspsStinging insects like bees and wasps are not just annoying when they show up in swarms, they are also dangerous. People with allergies could be at risk of a health crisis if they get stung.
  • Pigeons and other birdsHave you noticed that more and more birds keep roosting around your property? It could be the first sign of a bigger problem that results in property value loss and potential illnesses.
  • Cockroaches: Everyone’s most hated pest, the cockroach, has to be exterminated quickly once spotted. They are tenacious creepy crawlers that often resist novice extermination efforts, so getting experts on the job is important.
  • Rodents: Mice and rats breed faster than you might realize. Within weeks, a small population can balloon out of control and start to chew through walls and floorboards.

Importance of Quick Pest Control Services

Controlling the pests on your multi-family property needs to be a priority. Failing to act quickly will allow the pest – whether it is a rat or a roach – more time to multiply. If a few weeks go by and nothing is done, what might have been a simple pest control job could become a larger project as multiple units become infested.

More importantly, though, uncontrolled pests can be dangerous. Many bugs, rodents, and birds carry diseases that can make people sick, especially people with immune system deficiencies. When a pest gets into someone’s kitchen or pantry, the risk of illness goes up even more.

Arrange a Multi-Family Unit Pest Control Job Now

Act quickly and come to Pest Pros in Sacramento. We can create fast, effective, and safe pest control services for multi-family units and complexes. As a local business, we understand the importance of maintaining a positive reputation in the community, which is why we do what we can to keep our services and methods discreet.

Learn about your pest control options by dialing (916) 588-9345 at any time.

Our Core Values

  • Whatever It Takes
    We stop at nothing to make sure your pest problem is solved.
  • Love People
    We continually strive to always do what's right by our customers and by each other.
  • Giving Back
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