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    Dixie’s CHD Journey

    Dixie, CHD, and the 4th of July… As many of you may know, my daughter Dixie was diagnosed with a Congenital Heart Defect/Disease (CHD) a few weeks after we welcomed her to the world.  Soon after she had corrective surgery  during 4th of July weekend. Dixie had open heart surgery at 3 months old toread more[...]


            “It’s hard to beat someone who is willing to do whatever it takes to succeed” ~Pest Pros Our first core value “Whatever it takes” evolved totally organically over our first year in business. This mentality was forged through the tireless efforts of our team, in not only getting the business off the ground, butread more[...]

    how to get rid of wasps

    How to Finally Get Rid of Your California Wasp Problem

    Wasps are a complete pain, make sure you do not confuse them with hornets or bees though. They tend to be aggressive and will not give a second thought to delivering a painful sting to any human that gets in their way. If you happen to be allergic to wasps, they could be lethal forread more[...]

    common california pests

    6 Most Common California Pests

      California’s weather is wonderful, making it perfect for many different types of insects and arachnids that enjoy the climate of our beautiful state. Though there are thousands of insects and other pests throughout the state, the following are the most prevalent kinds.   1)    Ants Ants are everywhere. They are one of theread more[...]

    pest control service in california

    Why You Need a Professional California Pest Control Service

      Have you ever wondered why it’s necessary to have a professional pest control service in California? It all boils down to a few things. They know how to combat specific pests to ensure success. They offer convenience by coming to you. They are less expensive than alternative, ineffective methods. They possess access to commercial-graderead more[...]


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