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The U.S. is home to around 50 species of termites—here in California, the type to watch out for subterranean termites. These pests have great survival instincts and incredible reproductive abilities, with the queen laying up to 2,000 eggs a day, creating a massive colony in a brief time. Unfortunately, one of the main problems with termites is that by the time you find out you have an infestation, they have already caused a lot of structural damage to your residence or business. That's why it's imperative you consult with a qualified team at the first sign of termites on your property. 

Pest Pros Pest Solutions offers an effective and eco-friendly solution for termite extermination by utilizing safe and effective products to get rid of your termite problem. Our highly-trained technicians deliver quality termite control services to Sacramento.

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How to Look For Termite Damage

Termites are one of the most destructive pests for homeowners. These tiny insects feed on wood, often causing extensive damage to the structure of your home if left untreated. Therefore, it’s important to know how to look for termite damage so that you can catch it early and prevent further destruction. One way to check for termite damage is to check for mud tubes on the outside of your home, as these are a sign that termites are traveling between their nest and food source. You can also inspect any wood that is in contact with the ground, such as your porch or fence posts, as termites are attracted to damp conditions. It's also important to have our Sacramento termite control professionals inspect your home regularly for any signs of termite damage, as we can recognize hidden infestations that may not be visible to the untrained eye. By being vigilant and aware of the signs of termite damage, you can better protect your home.

Additional Signs of Termite Damage May Include:

  • Hollow sounding wood
  • Wooden floors that are blistering or buckling
  • Windows or doors that are stuck or difficult to open and close
  • Holes in your drywall or wooden structures of your home
  • Floorboards that squeak when walked on
  • Peeling paint
  • Loosened floor tiles

When to Schedule a Termite Inspection

Termites are silent destroyers that can wreak havoc on your home without showing any immediate signs. To safeguard your property from potential termite damage, scheduling a termite inspection is crucial. Here are the best times to consider booking an inspection:

  • Annual Inspection: It's wise to have a professional termite inspection annually. Regular inspections allow experts to catch termite activity early, preventing significant structural damage and costly repairs.
  • Before Buying a Home: If you're in the process of purchasing a new home, never skip a termite inspection. Termites may have been silently feasting on the property long before you arrived. Ensure you know the termite status before finalizing the deal.
  • After Home Renovations: Renovations can inadvertently disturb termite colonies, causing them to scatter and potentially infest other areas of the house. After major renovations, it's essential to schedule a termite inspection to assess any new risks.
  • Seasonal Changes: Termites are more active during specific seasons. In regions with mild climates, termites are active year-round. However, in areas with distinct seasons, spring is when they become most active. Schedule an inspection before or during spring to catch any early signs of termite swarms.
  • After Prolonged Heavy Rainfall: Termites are attracted to moisture, and heavy rainfall can create conducive conditions for termite activity. After a period of intense rain, consider scheduling an inspection to ensure your home hasn't become vulnerable to infestations.
  • After Spotting Warning Signs: If you notice any warning signs of termite activity, such as mud tubes, discarded wings, or hollow-sounding wood, don't hesitate to call for an inspection. Addressing early signs can prevent extensive damage.
  • Nearby Termite Infestations: If neighboring properties have experienced termite issues, there's a higher chance of them spreading to your home. In such cases, a preventive inspection can provide peace of mind.

Remember, early detection is the key to minimizing termite damage. By proactively scheduling a termite inspection, you can protect your investment and maintain the integrity of your home. Don't wait for the damage to be visible—take action today to keep termites at bay.

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How to Treat Termites

Termites can be a serious problem for homeowners, so it's important to take action as soon as they are discovered. While there are some DIY treatments available, like those listed below, it's best to consult with a pest control company who has professional treatments available that will not only help eliminate termites but prevent future infestations. Contact the trained Sacramento termite removal specialists at Pest Pros Pest Solutions now to find out more about how we can effectively treat your termite problem. 

DIY Termite Treatment Options:

  • Boric Acid - This is effective against termites because it damages their nervous system and digestive system, resulting in death. You usually mix the acid with water and apply it to areas where you think termites might be. However, be careful with boric acid as it can pose a health hazard for pets and people when exposed. Make sure to read and follow the instructions carefully before using this method or any other termite control products.
  • Pesticides - This treatment option can be useful as well but finding and killing termites wandering around outside does not affect the actual colony. One effective insecticide, Termidor®, works well because termites are unable to detect it, so they unknowingly carry it back to the colony. However, you may need several hundred gallons of this pesticide to administer it around the entire perimeter of your property. Moreover, not all termites succumb to the same products, so you may end up spending time and money without getting satisfactory results. Additionally, applying it incorrectly or coming in contact with it can cause serious health risks. This reason alone is a great impetus to contact a professional termite exterminator in Sacramento. 
  • Bait Trap - You can make a bait trap for termites by applying pesticide or boric acid to a fresh piece of wood and placing it within their reach, perhaps where you saw them last. These types of traps work by enticing foraging termites to grab the bait and take the poison back to the colony.

How to Prevent Termites

When termites infest your home, it can lead to a host of problems. Fortunately, there are steps you can take to prevent these pesky insects from invading your property. First and foremost, it's crucial to have regular inspections performed to catch any signs of termite activity early on. Additionally, keeping your home dry and well-ventilated can help deter termites, as they are attracted to moisture. However, these are not the only actions you can take to help keep termites away.

Termite Prevention Tips:

  • Reduce overall wood to soil contact, keeping firewood, mulch, and other wooden material away from the foundation of your home
  • Ensure any leaks or drainage and moisture issues on your property are fixed as soon as possible
  • Fill any cracks in your home’s foundation, or seal any gaps in water or gas lines, to block possible entry points for the termites
  • Keep trees, shrubbery, and other plans away from the immediate exterior of your property
  • Clear any rotting wood, tree stumps, or dead vegetation from your yard

It’s important to note that while these preventative measures can help protect your home, if you do suspect your property has become overrun, it’s best to seek professional assistance in treating termites. Our Sacramento team can devise a termite control plan that will help rid your property of these pests while also offering long-term protection.

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According to the USDA Agricultural Research Service, “Termites cause nearly $40 billion in damage globally each year and destroy parts of more than 600,000 homes annually in the United States alone.” If you are afraid you might become part of that statistic, it’s time to call the Sacramento termite professionals at Pest Pros Pest Solutions. No matter the pest, no matter the problem, our team can handle it, no questions asked. 

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