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    how to get rid of fleas
    How to Finally Be Flea Free

    Fleas are acrobatic bloodsuckers that plague dogs, cats, and pet owners the world over. Not only are they incredibly agile and able to get away from the fastest of humans, but they are armored like a tank and almost impossible to kill. 

    You can slap a mosquito and know it will die, you can step on just about any critter and be certain of its doom, but when it comes to fleas, you can stomp on them, smack them with just about anything within reach and the flea will laugh at you and just jump away. To make matters worse, fleas are tiny and hard to spot; once they do jump, they will be gone, you will not be able to find them again even if you have perfect vision.

    Fleas are not a joke; they are resilient, strong, and can get away from you in a hurry. Their bites are itchy and will bother you for days, but most importantly, they can transmit diseases and make you or your pet very sick. Among other diseases transmitted by fleas, you have murine typhus, tungiasis, and tularemia. On top of that, they cause allergies and can transmit certain parasites like, for example, tapeworm. People think of fleas simply as an annoyance that can cause itching, but, in its day, during the 14th century, fleas caused about 50 million deaths. You have probably heard of the black plague, right? Who do you think transmitted it? That’s right, fleas.


    how to prevent fleasHow to Get Rid of Fleas

    Start with the outside, fleas come into your home by hitching a ride from your dog or cat, and they generally catch that ride from your yard. Make sure you mow the lawn and get rid of any debris, including leaves or anything else that fleas may use as cover. You can also get some worms called nematodes that will eat the flea eggs and larvae. 

    While addressing fleas on the outside of your home is possible, your options are limited if you try to start tackling the inside of the house by yourself. Frankly, the most optimal way to get rid of fleas, whether they make it inside or not, is with a professional, which consists of calling pest control California and getting same-day service. You should also be aware that pesticide by itself is not going to be able to eliminate flea eggs.

    Plain and simple, if you want to get rid of fleas, you have to call the pest professionals at Pest Pros Pest Solutions.


    How to Prevent Fleas

    Prevention is the best approach, by having pest control California treat the perimeter of your home and keep fence lines under control, you will have a flea-free property and will no longer have to suffer and see your pets suffer at the hands of these tiny acrobatic pests.


    Choose Pest Pros Pest Solutions for the Best California Pest Control

    Ready to rid yourself of fleas? Are you worried that there may be an infestation in your property? Do not hesitate; time could cost you in both money and health. For California’s best commercial pest control, give us a call at 916-461-1776.


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