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    how to get rid of bats

    How to Win Your Battle Against Bats, Once and for All

    Unless your name is Bruce Wayne, chances are you don’t have much affection for bats. There are worse flying pests to be sure, as bats can be beneficial in some ways, and they do not attack people, which is also great. On the other hand, no one likes walking into a puddle of guano (batread more[...]

    how to get rid of fleas

    How to Finally Be Flea Free

    Fleas are acrobatic bloodsuckers that plague dogs, cats, and pet owners the world over. Not only are they incredibly agile and able to get away from the fastest of humans, but they are armored like a tank and almost impossible to kill.  You can slap a mosquito and know it will die, you can stepread more[...]

    how to get rid of wasps

    How to Finally Get Rid of Your California Wasp Problem

    Wasps are a complete pain, make sure you do not confuse them with hornets or bees though. They tend to be aggressive and will not give a second thought to delivering a painful sting to any human that gets in their way. If you happen to be allergic to wasps, they could be lethal forread more[...]

    common california pests

    6 Most Common California Pests

      California’s weather is wonderful, making it perfect for many different types of insects and arachnids that enjoy the climate of our beautiful state. Though there are thousands of insects and other pests throughout the state, the following are the most prevalent kinds.   1)    Ants Ants are everywhere. They are one of theread more[...]

    tips to eliminate ants

    6 Tips to Eliminate Ants

      Ants are one of the most prolific insects on the planet. You will find them everywhere from California to Florida to every other country the world over. While most ants are not very harmful, in Southern California, we have fire ants that often display a high level of aggression. Fire ant bites can beread more[...]


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