Why Do-It-Yourself Commercial Pest Control Doesn’t Work

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Many business owners take matters into their own hands when they notice pests in their commercial property. They eventually find that not only is this method ineffective, but it can even make things worse. Here’s why do-it-yourself commercial pest control does not work. 


Often the first problem with trying to get rid of pests yourself is the amount of flawed information available. Some well-meaning, but ultimately ill-informed, people will post articles on all manner of ineffective approaches, such as using baking soda for bed bugs, planting certain herbs around the garden, and similar forms of instruction. This misguidance makes finding the right information more time consuming and forces you to try multiple avenues, many of which will not work in the first place.

Lack of Know-How

It takes a long time for a professional to become one. Knowing how to administer certain chemicals and pesticides may mean all the difference between success and failure. When you buy a compound and apply it without the know-how, it tends to be ineffective. Take boric acid, for instance. If you are trying to kill roaches, and you do not apply boric acid in thin layers, they will walk around it, rendering it useless.

Experienced commercial pest control professionals do not have this type of problem. Also, keep in mind that there is no such thing as universal pest control. Utilizing the wrong product can be worse than using nothing at all.

High Costs for Low Yield Results

Ultimately, you need to get rid of your pests, but most untrained people will underestimate the scope of the infestation and will end up treating the symptoms rather than the problem. This misstep results in spending a whole bunch of money and having nothing to show for it in the end.

It Is Downright Dangerous

Commercial pest control technicians undergo rigorous training to apply various chemicals and pesticides commonly used in the trade. They are aware of how to protect themselves while dispensing these products, and they are not at risk of bringing harm to themselves, you, or your pets. When dealing with toxic products, you should only hire licensed and insured technicians.

Environmental Concerns

In California, we worry about our effect on the environment. We are one of the most environmentally conscious states, and most people want to be sure that their pest control efforts are not irresponsible. Do-it-yourself pest control often results improperly spread poison that harms other things beyond the pests you are trying to control.

Commercial Pest Control in Sacramento 

By trusting Pest Pros Pest Solutions, you can rest assured that we will do things properly. Are you worried that there may be an infestation in your property? Do not hesitate, as time could cost you money and health. 

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