6 Signs Your Commercial Property Needs Pest Control

pest control technician spraying outdoorsWhen you own a business, visible signs of pests can become a huge problem. Pests in a commercial property can hinder your productivity, damage your reputation, and potentially open you up to unwanted liabilities. There are many telltale signs that you have a pest problem. Here is a list of the more common ones.

1. You Can See Them!

If you step foot into the property and something scurries away, or if you turn the light on and you catch some movement out of the corner of your eyes, those are signs of trouble. These are good indicators that something is nesting within your commercial property.

2. Nests or Unexplained Holes

If you happen to see a nest, well, there is all the proof you need. You just stumbled upon some creature’s home. Sometimes you may come across a nest and not realize that’s what it is. For example, unexplained holes in furniture or walls are usually an indicator that something is living there. If you see this occurrence, then you may require commercial pest control.

3. Droppings or Insect Remains

Droppings or the remains of insects are signs of life. If you see droppings, you know something is causing them. When you start to see insect remains, such as small body parts, wings, or other dismemberments, then you know you have some uninvited guests living with you.

4. Damaged Wood

If you encounter some damaged wood, you might have a termite problem. Termites are surprisingly destructive, and it does not take them long to cause a lot of damage. If you find evidence of termites, do not hesitate to call pest control. Waiting may end up costing you thousands of dollars.

5. Spiders Living with You

Have you noticed more than a few spiders spinning webs inside your property? Spiders do not scavenge. They are predators, and they love to hunt other insects. Spiders are quite adept at finding spots where they will have a steady supply of food.  If you notice that spiders are taking up residence with you, you can be sure that other insects are living there as well. There are at least two types of insects invading your home: spiders and whatever they are eating. Therefore, the presence of spiders means it is an excellent time to call a commercial pest control service in California.

6. You Start Hearing Things

It might be a steady tip-tap of some critter walking, perhaps the scratching of an insect against a surface, or maybe you hear something in the walls or ceilings. If you hear strange sounds, you are likely the unwilling landlord to one pest or another.

Commercial Pest Control in Sacramento

If you are not sure if pests are invading your Sacramento property, then it’s best to speak with a California pest control expert. Pest Pros Pest Solutions has years of experience working with many types of different commercial businesses, including multifamily complexes, apartments, food and beverage processing facilities, government buildings, healthcare edifices, hospitality establishments, retail stores, schools, and more. Give us a call at (916) 588-9345, and we will gladly inspect your property and suggest the best solution for any possible problems.

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