How to Keep Roaches Out of Your Home

Nobody wants to have cockroaches crawling around their home, but unfortunately, roaches can often show up due to a variety of factors that are not necessarily related to poor cleanliness. Knowing a few tips on how to keep them away can provide comfort and peace of mind.

4 Tips to Keep Cockroaches Away

These insects can enter your home in a number of different ways. They may crawl into your home through small cracks and holes. They could also be accidentally brought in on bags, backpacks, and other containers.

Here are four tips to keep roaches out:

  1. Make it hard for them to survive: Clean dishes immediately and keep pet food stored away while pets are not eating. Fix any leaks in your kitchen and bathrooms as well. This eliminates food and water for the roaches to survive on.
  2. Keep a mat in front of your door: Make sure your welcome mat is heavy duty and rough so when people enter your home, they can scrape off any potential roach eggs.
  3. Clean regularly: This can help you monitor for signs of roaches as well as make it harder for them to live. Cockroaches can consume wallpaper paste, cardboard, hair, soap, and other non-food items.
  4. Close off entry points: Plug up any gaps with caulk. Be sure to also pay attention to gaps in doors and window seals to know when they need repair.

Following these tips can help to reduce the likelihood of roaches entering your home. However, sometimes pest issues are more than meets the eye. If you’re dealing with a roach infestation in your home, reach out to our team at Pest Pros Pest Solutions.

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