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    Termites have been around for over 120 million years. They are social insects and live in colonies which are usually located in the ground or in wood. Most termites feed on cellulose from wood and wood byproducts. There are about 50 species of termites found in United States.
    Termites are usually divided into 2 groups based on the location of their colony. Subterranean and Drywood. Subterranean termites have colonies located underground. These termites can be identifies by the mud tubes that they used to travel from the ground into structures. These tubes are referred to as travel tubes Drywood termites are typically found in attic, crawl spaces or in the walls of a structures.
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    There are typically only a few different treatment methods for these invaders. Most of the time subterranean termites can be dealt with spot treatments then treating the foundation of the property with a non-repellant pesticide that is specifically designed for social insect like termites. This process can become more complicated with a concrete foundation. The concrete foundation may require drilling holes through it in order to inject the pesticide directly into the ground.
    When Drywood termites are found during an inspection normally the structure will need to be fumigated. However, in any situation involving termites a Pest Pros Pest professional must inspect to identify the target pest, and then design a specific treatment to your property.
    Termite inspections and treatments require special licensing by the professional. It is important to remember California a branch 3 license is required to identify and design a treatment program.