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    Pest Pros custom rodent proofing solutions will protect your home and family against rodents and the health concerns associated with them.

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    Removal of Nesting Materials & Debris. 

    Clean & Disinfect Contaminated Areas. 

    Rodent Proofing of Entry Points. 

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    How the program works

    If rodents have invade your home contact Pest Pros immediately. Pest Pros will complete a through inspection then device a plan specific to ridding your home of these unwanted pests.

    1. Clean And Disinfect

      After a through inspection has been completed and a plan for eliminating these pests has been put in place, your Pest Pros professional will use the latest techniques for removing these unwanted pests from your home.

    2. Rodent-Proofing

      Once the Pest Pros professional is sure all rodents have been removed from your home, we will then rodent proof the entryways used by these critters. Rodent proofing these entryways using industry standard techniques will ensure that no rodent will ever be able to use that entry point again.

    Rodent Pest Control - Pest Pros Pest Solutions
    More Information About Rodents

    In Northern California rodents can easily be separated into 2 categories. Rats and mice. Without getting into the different species and their particular traits this is a simple way to understand what most homeowners would be dealing with.

    Rats the larger of the 2 are normally found in the attics of homes when there is a problem. This is not to say that rats cannot be found in the garage or other sub areas. Rats Are incredible climbers and tend to climb to stay away from predators. This is why addicts and crawl spaces are where these rodents are typically found when infesting a home.

    Rats will use the limbs of trees downspouts from gutters and any other means to climb to an area they believe warmth and safety can be found. Rats have even been known to climb using the stucco on the exterior of a home.

    Once these pests find an entry into an attic or crawl space, they will work quickly 2 create a nesting site normally using the installation found in attics. Rodents will enter and exit these entry points several times during the night to scavenge for food and water. In doing so they leave behind a pheromone trail. This trail allows the rodent and others like it to find its way back to the entry points.

    Mice the smaller of the 2 are typically found on the ground. Their physiology is much more adapted to Invading your home on the ground level. Mice will find entry points just about anywhere. These pests have the ability to squish their bodies into gaps as little as an 1/8” wide. This makes entering your home underneath a closed door very easy. Mice will also enter through open wall junctions where air conditioning lines, water lines or other utilities are entering the home. This is one of the main reasons why mice can be found in the walls of your home.

    In many cases mice will enter your home through an open door. These rodents are very clever and will even wait by the door while you are unloading groceries from your car. Once the coast is clear they will dart through an open door to access your home.


    There are many different products on the market today claiming the ability to control rodents and keep them out of your home. The truth is there is only one way to ensure these pests stay out of your family’s space. Ensuring any gaps, holes, or poorly constructed areas of your home are rodent proofed buy a Pest Pros professional.

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