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    Bed Bugs

    Bed Bugs are no joke and should only be handled by a trained professional. Call Pest Pros Pest Solutions now for your free inspection.

    1. Why Are They In Your Home

      Bed bugs are hitchhikers and can easily find their way on to your clothing or personal belongings. Bed bugs can be picked up in restaurants, hotels, movie theaters, and even the bench at your bus stop. It is impossible to imagine all the places these pests can be hiding.

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    1. Once In Your Home

      Once these pests get into your home, they will find cracks and crevices to hide in. At night these pests become active and search their surroundings for a meal. Traveling up to 30 feet per minute these blood suckers are attracted to body heat as well as the carbon monoxide found in exhaled air. Once bed bugs have located a meal they will feed until full then find a new hiding place as close to the host as possible. Be aware that bed bugs desire a human meal, but in extreme cases will feed on pets.

    2. Hiding Places

      These pests will hide behind pictures on the wall, headboards, inside dresser doors, on your mattress and so on. In some cases, these bugs will use the wall switch plates (electrical outlets) to hide and even make their way to a different room within the structure.

    3. Dealing With Bed Bugs

      It is important to understand that bed bugs can infest any home regardless of its size or location. This problem is not only found in depressed areas any home regardless of its location can become infested. Bed bugs are found throughout the world. Most U.S cities are experiencing bed bugs, and some have reached epidemic levels. That is why it is important to contact a Pest Pros Professional and schedule an inspection if you are concerned you may have a bed bug problem.


    Pest Pros Pest Solutions offers 2 different types of bed bugs elimination.

    Liquid Solution

    Pest Pros Pest Solutions has found that treating the affected areas of your home with specialized chemicals has the best first-time treatment results outside of fumigation. California has allowed unique liquid treatments to be used on beds, couches and even mattresses. These treatments when used as the label allows will knock down bed bugs extremely well. In more than 95{3d53b9f0474d49a8169e71b3b39edbc27b420632c04768f48bdd9af8cd65775e} of the cases Pest Pros has a 100{3d53b9f0474d49a8169e71b3b39edbc27b420632c04768f48bdd9af8cd65775e} knockdown on the first treatment.

    Pest Pros Bed Bug Alimentation process is a NO-PREP treatment. Meaning the hours of preparation and several hours of clean up required when using a heat remediation process is eliminated.

    Perhaps the best reason to use this type of solution is the residual effect of the liquid treatment.

    Bed bugs that come into contact with this material up to 6 months after the treatment will die. Other treatments like heat remediation will not have this effect. Once the heat treatment equipment is removed from your home there is a ZERO chance for a residual effect. And most companies will not re-treat without charging for the heat treatment a second time.


    Pest Pros Pest Solutions can fumigate your home and eliminate all bed bugs guaranteed 100{3d53b9f0474d49a8169e71b3b39edbc27b420632c04768f48bdd9af8cd65775e} the first time.This is truly the only solution that will get everything inside that tent.

    Heat Treatment / Not Recommended

    Heat treating you home for bed bugs has many problems. First, several hours of preparation is required before the heating process can begin. Everything that could possibly melt, catch fire or explode must be removed from the property. That list is several pages long. In some cases, flooring and window coverings will be destroyed by the extreme temperatures needed to penetrate walls, mattresses, couches and so on. Once this type of treatments fails companies will normally suggest a liquid treatment to resolve the issue. Finally, these treatments are easily double the cost of liquid treatments.

    Why not just start with a cost-effective guaranteed liquid treatment from Pest Pros Pest Solutions?

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