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    Pro Bi-Monthly

    This signature pest control service is the most popular in Northern California. Pro Bi-Monthly offered by Pest Pros Pest Solutions gives you the maximum defense against dozens of crawling insects and rodents protecting your home and family year around.

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    Pro Bi-Monthly
    Starting at $42 monthly

    Total Protections for Your Home And Family

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    Initial service starting at just $49 for bi-monthly service plans.

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    How the program works

    Pest Pros will protect your home inside and out with our specialized pest control programs. Pest Pros quality programs are specifically designed to target the pests that are infesting your home while protecting the environment.

    1. Perimeter Treatment

      A non-repellant treatment will be applied to the foundation of your home. Insects using the foundation to try and access the structure will be exposed and die.

    2. Kitchen / Bath Area

      Ants love the kitchen finding particles of food left behind that are easily missed.The Bathroom is a great place to hang out and stay cool from the heat. Finding water and pipes they use as roads to move through your home. Pest pros can treat these areas with a non-repellant. Exposed ants will unknowing take this insecticide back to their colony.

    3. Fence Line / Grass Area

      Fence lines are the perfect highway for your neighbors ants to stop by for a visit. Pest Pros will treat fence lines insuring that those neighboring ants stay home. Grass areas are filled with ants and other occasional invaders. All of the Pest Pros Pest Control Programs include treating these areas with both granular and liquid treatments.

    Ant Control - Pest Pros Pest Solutions

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    More Information About Ants

    Ants are the most successful groups of insects on the planet. Ants are social insects that live in colonies which are usually located in the ground, but they may enter buildings for shelter and or food. Ants feed on practically every kind of food, but those entering homes are looking for sweets and or protein containing substances. As with any other insects, moisture is the key factor that determines the suitability of a potential harborage site. Ants will explain late situations that have significant moisture, provide shelter, and have nearby source of food.

    How Ants Can be Controlled?
    Ant control is a very involved process. For the most part it can be broken down into the steps. Crucial to this process is identifying the species that is invading your home. Species different nesting in preferences and habits. Locating the nest and determining how they are entering the structure is very important. Normally ants will follow along the edges of things like carpet and base boards. Ants may also use wires and pipes in walls to travel along the interior of your home. Inspecting mulch beds under trees, logs on my firewood, landscape is important to identifying where they’re coming from.

    Sealing off possible route for their entry around windows and door frames light fixtures and facial boards is important to keeping the ends outside your home. Spot treating areas where ants are coming from with a non repellent pesticide is preferable. Perimeter treatments will also ensure that these are kept away from your home. Interior pesticide application may be necessary. The correct usage of non-repellent pesticides and baits to try and eliminate the ants at the colony is a preferred method of control.