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    tips to eliminate ants
    6 Tips to Eliminate Ants


    Ants are one of the most prolific insects on the planet. You will find them everywhere from California to Florida to every other country the world over. While most ants are not very harmful, in Southern California, we have fire ants that often display a high level of aggression. Fire ant bites can be painful, and the pain and itching can linger for days or even weeks if you have an allergic reaction. When you spot fire ants in your home, you know it is time to act. All species of ants can spread bacteria onto food, making them more than just a nuisance, so don´t think that just because an ant does not bite it cannot pose a health hazard. While there are many tips to eliminate ants, the best way is to contact your local pest control professionals.


    1) Apply Pesticide

    This application will undoubtedly work to some degree. Pesticides will likely kill the ants you target, but the rest of the colony will remain safe. Since the remaining ants in the colony remain unaffected, this method is not the best ant control system. 


    2) Make an Ant Trap

    People often utilize Borax to make ant traps. It can kill ants by wreaking havoc with their digestive system. You spread this product in the areas where you spot ants; and hopefully, they will bring it back to their colonies where it will do some damage.


    3) Spread Cinnamon Around the Entry Points

    ants control service

    Cinnamon does not kill ants, but the smell bothers them, and it will make them search for another route. It is a bit messy, but it might help.


    4) Keep Your Place Squeaky Clean

    Again, this technique is not lethal by any means, but food attracts ants. Keeping your place clean will remove their incentive to come and take up residence in your property.


    5) Liquid Mound Drench

    You will need to gather certain products first: concentrated insecticide, a bucket, and a bottle with which to apply the solution. Follow the instructions on the label and mix accordingly. Then apply this solution all around the ant colony. Once that is complete, make a hole on top of the colony using a stick, and then pour the insecticide inside the hole and drench their entire structure. This method is potent so long as you can find the colony. A professional ant control service, however, will prove to be the best course.


    6) Granules Drench

    Similar to the liquid mound drench, utilize the granular insecticide by following the instructions on the label and apply it all around the colony, as well as on top, then pour water and let it soak.


    When in Doubt, Trust the Professionals

    At the end of the day, if you try to eliminate ants alone, you will most likely end up spending a lot of time, effort, and money with few results to show for it.  When dealing with an ant infestation the most effective way to exterminate them is to reach out to the best ant pest control professionals. Give Pest Pros Pest Solutions a call anytime at 916-461-1776 to learn about our multistep process for ant control.

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