Ant Control Tips For Summer

ant control tips for the summer

Summer is here and so are invasions of summer ants. You can be comfortable having guests over for barbeques, pool parties and other events this summer by following these helpful tips.

If you have been continually battling these persistent little pests this summer, you are certainly not alone. As summer temperatures increase, landscapes dry out, driving Argentine ants (most prevalent species in Northern California) in to your home, searching for food and water.

These pests prefer to nest in soil and often find everything they need to sustain their colony in the landscape around the exterior of your home. But, when weather conditions are not favorable (either too wet, too cold, or too warm), they will seek out food, water and sometimes shelter, in more favorable areas, like your home.

You can spend quite a bit of money purchasing baits and other materials online or from your local hardware store, battling this issue, to no prevail. With these tips you may just save your money and more importantly your sanity, in preventing an invasion long before it ever develops.

The hot summer months are when ants and other insect populations tend to increase. As the climate becomes warmer, more homeowners become distressed with pest control problems in their homes, which may lead them to experience anxiety, uneasiness and possibly even embarrassment. Generally distinguished as the number one nuisance pest across the country, ants will appear in a magnitude of homes this summer.

The National Pest Management Association encourages homeowners to take a hands-on approach in reducing the probability of ants swarming across their kitchen counter this summer.

Ants most commonly invade kitchens and bathrooms, but homeowners can also find them in multiple areas throughout the home. Most varieties of ants are merely just a household nuisance. But some varieties can cause health concerns, bodily harm, or structural damage to your home. Fire ants (not commonly found in Northern California) pack a mighty bite/sting, which can lead to a trip to the ER. And in extreme issues, death. Carpenter ants can cause serious property damage as they build gallery passageways through wood framing to create their nests inside the structure. To prevent these undesirable guests from invading your home, homeowners needed take an aggressive approach in their control methods, both inside and outside the house to eradicate ant colonies. 

Specialists from the NPMA suggest the following tips:
1. Clear up food debris and spills instantly.
2. Preserve food in sealed containers and dispose of trash often.
3. Keep pet food and water dishes up when not in use. Keep feeding areas clear of spillage.
4. Seal gaps around pipes and other fixtures around the exterior of the house with caulking.
5. Keep leaf debris and landscape debris clear around the structure of the house.
6. Keep trees, shrubs and other landscaping trimmed back away from touching the exterior of the structure.
7. Clear out any debris, or junk piles from near the house (this includes wood piles).

If you see indications of an ant infestation inside the house after taking these initial precautions, contact Pest Pros Pest Solutions for pest management services quickly. By contacting our team, we will assign a licensed and highly trained technician to your evaluate your home and determine a custom plan best suited for your pest control service.

We are a locally owned pest control company that prides itself in resolving issues quickly, by eliminating the source, opposed to issuing band aid fixes that only lead to further issues.

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