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    Pro Bi-Monthly

    This signature pest control service is the most popular in Northern California. Pro Bi-Monthly offered by  Pest Pros Pest Solutions gives you the maximum defense against dozens of crawling insects and rodents protecting your home and family year around.

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    Pro Bi-Monthly
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    Initial service starting at just $49 for bi-monthly service plans.

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    Wasps And Yellowjackets

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    How the program works

    Pest Pros will protect your home inside and out with our specialized pest control programs. Pest Pros quality programs are specifically designed to target the pests that are infesting your home while protecting the environment.

    1. The Eaves

      The eaves are the most common place we find Paper Wasps. Pest Pros goes to work on the flying stingers and biters ever service visit. First all nests will be removed and the affected area treated to leave behind a non-repellent pesticide that will hopefully eliminate wasps that try and re-establish a nest in the same area.

    2. Fence Lines

      Fence lines are notorious for Paper Wasp Nests. Pest Pros goes that extra miles to insure these pests are eliminated every service visit.

    More Information About Wasps & Yellowjackets

    Paper Wasps get their common name from paper like material in which they construct their nests from. It has been suggested that they are called Umbrella Wasps based on the shape of

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    their nests. In an urban situation these wasps are typically unaggressive, however these wasps can sting and bite when disturbed or provoked. These wasps will typically nest under eaves and rain gutters on your home. These nests will typically be found on the south east side of the home where they receive warmth from the morning sunlight and will be protected from the higher temperatures in the afternoon.


    With the potential for these pests to be aggressive in situations when trying to remove the nest it is always best to contact a Pest Pros Pest Solutions professional. Your pest professional will treat the nest with the appropriate material then remove the nest from your home completely.

    As part of your monthly or BI monthly program with Pest Pros you will be covered for these pests year around. Pest Pros Professionals will monitor and preventively treat for these pests during your scheduled service visit.

    Yellowjackets receive their common name from the typical black and yellow colored pattern. They are worldwide in distribution with about 16 species occurring in the United States. Yellowjackets will typically be found nesting in the ground or beneath vegetated areas. Unlike the Paper Wasp Yellowjackets are very aggressive when you are around their nest. Yellowjackets will attack in a swarm and continued to attack until they feel the threat level has diminished. These insects are extremely aggressive it should only be dealt with by a Pest Pros Pest Professional.

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    Same Day Service Guarantee

    Don’t put up with pests. Pest Pros guarantees same day service when your appointment is scheduled before noon that day. (M-F)

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    *Same Day Service Guarantee applies to Greater Sacramento Area: Antelope, Carmichael, Citrus Heights, Davis, Dixon, Elverta, Loomis, Lincoln, North Highlands, Rancho Cordova, Rio Linda, Rocklin, Roseville, Sacramento, West Sacramento*