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    Pro Bi-Monthly

    This signature pest control service is the most popular in Northern California. Pro Bi-Monthly offered by Pest Pros Pest Solutions gives you the maximum defense against dozens of crawling insects and rodents protecting your home and family year around.

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    Pro Bi-Monthly
    Starting at $42 monthly

    Total Protections for Your Home And Family

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    Initial service starting at just $49 for bi-monthly service plans.

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    How the program works

    Pest Pros will protect your home inside and out with our specialized pest control programs. Pest Pros quality programs are specifically designed to target the pests that are infesting your home while protecting the environment.

    1. Perimeter Treatment

      A non-repellant treatment will be applied to the foundation of your home. Insects using the foundation to try and access the structure will be exposed and die.

    2. Webbing and Treating Eaves

      Keeping the eaves clear of spiders webs will also eliminate were spiders like to set up shop. Pest Pros will make sure that eaves up to 24″ are kept free of spiders and webs.

    3. Fence Lines and Shrubs

      Fence lines are normally full of sipders. The fence seems to be one of the most popular spots for this pest. Shrubs are also a hot spot for spiders. There, they easily find insects to feed on, and it is there Pest Pros Pest Solutions will use highly effective treatments specifically designed for spiders to stop them.

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    More Information About Spiders

    There are over 35,000 described species of spiders worldwide, with about 3000 turning in North America. Many species of spiders our household pests. Wherever their food is available, spiders are likely to be found. All spiders are predators, feeding mainly on insects and other small anthropoids. In the United States only 2 spider groups are considered dangerous to man, the widow spiders and the recluse spiders. Here in California the Black Widow is very common especially around downspouts and water spigots outside your home.They are also commonly found in garages. Recluse spiders such as a Brown recluse are not found in Northern California. That is not say could not occur however documented cases are very rare.

    Most spiders are relatively harmless. These Arachnids are considered a beneficial pest because they typically feed on find insects like flies and mosquitoes. However, most spiders that are non-venomous to humans and live in and around your home can be quite a nuisance.


    Controlling spiders in your home is mainly done by ensuring the eaves are kept clean and free from spiders. This process is done by both the wedding effected areas under the eaves as well as a residual treatment applied under the eaves.

    It may also be appropriate to apply wetable powders or non-repellent just decides to vegetation areas like bush is where spiders hunt for pray.

    Webbing and treating the fence line will also help control these insects.

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