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    Pigeon Proofing

    Pest Pros recommends Pigeon Proofing your home when these flying rodents are using it for nesting, roosting or hunting. Pest Pros custom proofing solutions will protect your home and family against these pests and the health concerns associated with them.

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    Pro Pigeon-Proofing

    Protection for you home and family

    Removal and Cleaning of nesting Materials. Disinfecting affected areas. Pigeon-Proofing all possible nesting areas.100{3d53b9f0474d49a8169e71b3b39edbc27b420632c04768f48bdd9af8cd65775e} Quality Guarantee

    3 Year Warranty on Parts and labor

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    How the program works

    Pest Pros will inpect your home and create a custom Pigeon-Proofing program for your home or business.

    1. Clean And Disinfect

      Pest Pros Service Professionals will clean the waist left by these rodents, and sanitize the affected areas against bacteria that can live in pigeon urine and feces.

    2. Pigeon-Proofing

      Once the Pest Pros Professional and the home owner have discussed and agreed on a plane of attack we will get right to work eliminating this pest. From netting, spikes and wire mesh Pest Pros has a unique solution for driving this unwanted pest away from your home and family.

    More Information About Pigeons

    Pigeons belong to the animal family Columbiae, which includes about 42 genre and 310 species. These birds have a sturdy body with short necks. Pigeons and doves are

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    essentially the same thing. The most striking difference would be the coloring of the bird and its size. Doves are typically light brown in color and much smaller than their multi colored cousins which are larger. People typically associate pigeons to birds that will travel in flocks around urban buildings and homes.

    Pigeons will typically find locations that have a high roosting point used to see predators from a long distance away. Once they find this vantage point, they will then locate a nesting area close by. Urban architectural nuances found in buildings and homes provide great nesting areas for these pests. These birds can easily build nests inside of cubbies and alcoves. Once the young pigeons have taken flight these birds typically will remain in the same place they were born. Finding their own mates and repeating the cycle. Even when pigeons are captured and relocated, they will typically find their way back to their birthplace.

    Pigeon droppings contain uric acid which is highly corrosive. The droppings left behind by these birds have been responsible untold millions of dollars of damage annually in urban areas. Keeping these birds away from your home or commercial building could potentially save money in the long run.


    There are many different deterrent products in the marketplace today claiming to control pigeons. Unfortunately, most of these devices are little more than wishful thinking. Pest Pros Pest Solutions has one of the most highly trained pigeon exclusion departments in our service territory. This department has developed pigeon proofing methods that will keep these birds from nesting on your home or business guaranteed!

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