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    how to get rid of wasps
    How to Finally Get Rid of Your California Wasp Problem

    Wasps are a complete pain, make sure you do not confuse them with hornets or bees though. They tend to be aggressive and will not give a second thought to delivering a painful sting to any human that gets in their way. If you happen to be allergic to wasps, they could be lethal forread more

    pest control service in california
    Why You Need a Professional California Pest Control Service

      Have you ever wondered why it’s necessary to have a professional pest control service in California? It all boils down to a few things. They know how to combat specific pests to ensure success. They offer convenience by coming to you. They are less expensive than alternative, ineffective methods. They possess access to commercial-graderead more

    how to eliminate yellowjackets
    How to Eliminate Yellowjackets Once and For All

      Yellowjackets are a nuisance. They are aggressive, and they possess an excruciating sting. Unfortunately for people trying to enjoy picnics and barbecues, they are mainly attracted to food, especially sweets. At the start of spring, they seek out meat for the necessary proteins to sustain their colony. They are scavengers, and they will often forage inread more

    california pest service
    Eliminating Termites Once and For All

      The average U.S. home contains more than 50 species of termites. Termites tend to like warm, humid weather, as well as dark places. In California, we even have subterranean termites. One of the main problems with termites is that by the time you find out you have an infestation, they have already caused aread more

    how does commercial pest control work
    How Does Commercial Pest Control Work?

      As a business owner, it’s frustrating and daunting when you realize that you have yourself a pest problem. If you want to figure out how California pest control works for commercial properties, here’s a reference guide, so you know where to begin.   It All Starts with a Proper Inspection A licensed individual shouldread more

    commercial pest control
    6 Signs Your Commercial Property Needs Pest Control

      When you own a business, visible signs of pests can become a huge problem. Pests in a commercial property can hinder your productivity, damage your reputation, and potentially open you up to unwanted liabilities. There are many telltale signs that you have a pest problem. Here is a list of the more common ones.read more

    Ant Control Tips For Summer-Pest PROPS
    Ant Control Tips For Summer

    Summer is here and so are invasions of summer ants. You can be comfortable having guests over for barbeques, pool parties and other events this summer by following these helpful tips. If you have been continually battling these persistent little pests this summer, you are certainly not alone. As summer temperatures increase, landscapes dry out,read more


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